Master Chinese and Japanese with Migaku: Your Ultimate Language Learning Tool

Migaku, a tool that helps you create flashcards from videos and other sources. A great way to supercharge your spaced repetition routine

When it comes to learning Chinese or Japanese, finding the right resources can be challenging. However, with the help of Migaku, a powerful language learning tool, you can accelerate your progress and achieve fluency more efficiently. In this article, we’ll explore the various features of Migaku, its pricing, and how it can support your language learning journey.

I. What does Migaku do?

Migaku is a language learning tool designed to help you learn Chinese, Japanese, or any other language through immersion. It offers a range of features, including browser extensions that enable you to create flashcards from online content, a plugin for Anki, a popular spaced repetition software, and a video player that allows you to study with subtitles. With Migaku, you can transform your favorite movies, TV shows, and other content into a comprehensive learning resource.

II. How much does Migaku cost?

Migaku offers a subscription-based pricing model, with various plans available to suit different needs and budgets. For detailed pricing information and to find the plan that best fits your needs, visit their pricing overview on their website.

Early 2023, Migaku has a lifetime deal for an affordable 199 USD. If used a lot, this seems to be a great deal.

III. Why is Migaku so useful to learn Chinese and Japanese?

Migaku is particularly beneficial for learning Chinese and Japanese due to its support of an immersive approach. By allowing you to study using authentic materials, such as movies and TV shows, Migaku helps you acquire vocabulary and grammar in context, which is crucial for mastering these complex languages. Moreover, its seamless integration with Anki ensures that you can efficiently review and retain the material you’ve learned. But you might also use it with other spaced repetition systems.

IV. Is there a lifetime subscription for Migaku?

Currently, Migaku offers a lifetime subscription option for 199 USD (as of April 2023). Keep an eye on their website for any updates or promotions that may include an even cheaper lifetime subscription in the future, i.e. around Black Friday in the US.

V. How to use Migaku and Anki

Migaku offers a plugin for Anki, allowing you to create and import flashcards from the content you’re studying directly. This integration enables you to review vocabulary, grammar, and other language elements in a more efficient and engaging way, leveraging Anki’s powerful spaced repetition algorithm.

VI. Can you combine Migaku and HackChinese?

Migaku and HackChinese are separate platforms, but you can use them in conjunction to enhance your Chinese learning experience. While Migaku focuses on immersion and context-based learning, HackChinese is an excellent tool for vocabulary building and retention. Combining these two platforms can provide a well-rounded approach to learning Chinese. HackChinese tries to be Anki with a user friendly design interface. We will get to it in another review.

VII. What are alternatives for Migaku?

While Migaku offers a unique and powerful language learning experience, there are other platforms available, such as FluentU, Yabla, and Language Learning with Netflix. These are not really direct alternatives to Migaku, but have some elements of it like video-based learning and flashcard integration, but may differ in terms of content and user interface.

VIII. How to find sources for Migaku?

To find content for Migaku, explore websites and streaming platforms that offer movies, TV shows, and other media in your target language. You can also look for podcasts, news articles, and YouTube channels that cater to language learners or native speakers. Remember to choose content that aligns with your interests and proficiency level to maximize your learning experience.


Migaku is a powerful and versatile tool for learning Chinese and Japanese, helping you to immerse yourself in authentic content while leveraging the power of Anki for efficient review and retention. By combining Migaku with other language learning platforms, such as HackChinese, you can develop a comprehensive and effective language learning strategy that propels you towards fluency. Overall, Migaku is a great tool for those learners that want to combine comprehensible and enticing input with spaced repetition of new vocabulary.